2017 Audi RS7 Review And Info

Thursday, August 25th, 2016 - Audi

2017 Audi RS7. It was not a very long time since Audi has released a new version of RS7 with a high performance model that provides more power and gear in the updated run. While this is great, and this does not change the fact that RS7 base design has been around for a long time really, the car requires a major update to some extent. This will not happen probably with Audi RS7 2017, which is expected to embark on an updated Audi modular platform that also supports the latest A4 or Q7. This allow them to shave as much as 200-300 pounds of weight, and will make the structure’s more solid than ever before and that thanks to the use of aluminum is higher than in some key areas, carbon fiber composites. On highest platform of change, the new RS7 get to drive even better, updated interior, as well as a new look. All these make for the most beautiful car in all parts, as well as faster and more impressive to drive the machine ever.

Under the hood of the 2017 Audi RS7 We are very likely going to see the same 4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine as in the current generation. However, instead of 560 horsepower and 605 in the Performance Package model, the new car must now be provided closer to 600 horsepower in the base model, while you may get a high-end version closer to 660 horsepower. This new 2017 Audi RS7 will make it the most powerful sedan in the single European market the most powerful in the world. While it is still lower than cars destroyed, thanks to the standard all-wheel drive system and tweaked 8-speed automatic transmission, as well as thanks to the chassis lighter, it is expected that the new RS7 to reach 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, limited and hit speeds up maximum to 180 mph with an unlimited model is also expected to get in the last 200 MPH. This is quite a bit faster than most other cars in its class and would make for an exciting car really interesting to drive, especially since it has five seats and a large trunk to some extent Reasonable.

The exterior of the 2017 Audi RS7 seems edgier and more aggressive, mix it with the front grille Audi logo sits in the middle of it. Is the LED front headlights with fog lights feet down the front bumper chrome. Standard aluminum wheels measuring 21-inch alloys fitted with a premium trim having all season tires. On the sides; there Power Mirrors that have the index, body doors chrome horizontal contour lines that add to the stylish appearance handles color lights. The back of her trunk large, a colored body spoiler, pipe dual exhaust and LED tail lights. The interior of the 2017 Audi RS7 has a cabin well-organized and dashboard minimalistic which has fewer buttons, it has put everything in reach of the driver. There are sports seats for front-seat passengers, which is 12-way adjustable. All seats are dual-quality stitched leather and upholstery fabrics.

There is power heated steering wheel and perforated that are sensitive to minor movements and greatly eases handling. It was also introduced carbon ceramic brakes. There is also an automatic dual-zone climate control via satellite and via the touch screen on the dashboard navigation system. Entertainment consists Internet 4G, and six-speaker sound system, satellite radio, Bluetooth and USB ports for additional input and integration smart phone. Multiple security features, including lane departure warning control, traction and stability, blind spot monitoring, collision sensors multiple strategic airbags have been included.

By mid-2017, it will be the new Audi 2017 Audi RS7 in galleries all over the world. The price will start at RS7 $ 110,000 a height of up to $ 129,925 for the Premium trim, this is a bit more expensive than its predecessor, but is still expected to do well in the market.

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