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Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 - BMW
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2017 BMW 328I. BMW celebrated 2017 328I as a symbol for this car over the past four decades, the founder of modern sports sedan category. Over the four decades that existed, now it has six generations under her CV, and the honcho when it comes to daily use, and sporty driving experience, efficiency and design, dynamic excellence. It is also a very successful model, in fact, on every BMW sold, is one of a 2017 BMW 328I, and hopes BMW to re-establish themselves more strongly with sophisticated and advanced technology engines, the design more clearly.

Should the expected date of issuance at some time in the middle of the shopping 2017. Anyone for compact luxury sports sedan and confirmed nearly vibration on 3 BMW group somewhere. They are popular even in the segment thanks to the above-mentioned despite the fierce competition that new models and features fresher put each passing model year. Available in sedan, coupe, wagon, convertible, hatchback model and the new model. The latter, however, are reviewed Gran Turismo model series 3 separately, as is the conversion Coupe.

Foreign benefits from various improvements detail and greater accuracy. Up front, the revised air intakes and new aprons highlight the display, while the integration of the central air intake and harmony with optional Cruise Control is active. LED tail lights standard, sculpture design the back yard to emphasize the sporty appearance and width of the car. Again, the outside gets a strong thanks to the visual appeal of sports beaten LED lights operate in broad daylight, and the concept of innovative lighting which also has a newly designed interior headlights.

The faithfully reflects the dynamic and elegant lines of the BMW Group models three sports series. It is focused on the driver and thus provides optimal access to all the vital functions of the car. High-gloss surfaces, chrome and sheds light carefully arranged not improve the work environment already cabin. The 2017 BMW 3 series is available in 320I, 328D, 328I, and the models 340i trim. Wagon, and on the other hand, is available in the 328D xDrive and xDrive of 328I trims.

Engineers placed the main focus on improving engines. In the basic 2017 BMW 328I version instead of the 1. 6 L engine is a 1. 8 L now. As for the smaller one under the hood is hidden turbo three-cylinder engine, and the size of one and a half thousand cubic centimeters. The power of the engine is 136 horsepower. A similar drive has already met on the models of the Mini Cooper. This engine can make the car accelerates from zero to sixty miles per hour in 8. 8 seconds. A top speed of about 130 mph.

One of amendments – BMW 320 CI Cabrio / Roadster – provided the engine is turbocharged, two-liter with the power of 184 2017 BMW 328I amendment horsepower. Previous replaced 330I model with an engine of strength and is now processing 252 modified horsepower. Top end 340i significantly with engine capacity of three liters and with 326 horsepower. This allows the car with this engine accelerates from zero to sixty miles per hour in five seconds. In 3 new series updated four diesel engines with four cylinders. However, three other diesel engines with six cylinders remained unchanged.

The strength of the updated engines 150, 163 and 190 horsepower. Hybrid version of the car will appear at the beginning of next year. Fuel consumption for the base 3. 8-liter car range per 100 km. In hybrid version is expected to be reduced by about 2. 1 liters per 100 km for European rankings fuel consumption. EPA figures is yet. 2017 BMW 328I got Known returned gearbox. Added six-speed manual to synchronize the engine speed when the driver switch gear less. Automatic transmission speeds of 8 works far more smoothly.

Rumors are claiming the 2017 BMW 328I set a new release date in early January 2017. The pricing structure has not yet released, but critics in the industry say that the 2017 BMW 328I new price starts at about $ 33,150. As for the funkier four-door Gran Turismo offered in two trims: 335i xDrive and the 328 I xDrive from, expect to pay a MSRP ranging from $ 51,995. Leasing deals available.

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