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Thursday, October 13th, 2016 - BMW
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2017 BMW Tii. Early in 1963, there were discussions about the BMW car new and small. Ideas began to focus on the base of the door cut two wheels of the saloon door and a second form a new class did not take long for the design. Been shortened wheels a new class of 100. 4 inches base to 98. 4 inches, came most of the gear run directly from the saloons of the current four-door, despite the existence of a narrow rear axle track, which made the front and behind bars on an equal footing on the two model The Door.

The decision was made to launch the car with a 1573 cc engine and decided to call 1600-2. Additional figure 2 stand for two doors and distinguish it from the four-door saloon in 1600. 1600-2 was announced in March 1966, and was immediately acclaimed as a winner. Almost lighter car body is made fast saloon 1800, while dealing with sports added components, who was wanted in the car larger. He was unable to resist comparisons with Alfa Romeo sports car, which fit the needs of the BMW completely to the press cars.

The aim of each of them to make this a shoe box sedan packing crate fit for the engine, which is located just a giver of life pulse own inimitable way BMW. Of course it makes more power, 140 SAE Total now, up from 113 in BMW Tii at the same 5800 rpm. Torque too high, and 130 pound-feet at 4, 500 rpm 14 lb-ft more than in the 1000 cycle peak height minute. And it’s all brought to you through the mystery of fuel injection. Oh sure, there are a few assistants on the exhaust valves along with the largest and highest compression ratio half a percentage point increase in the exhaust system and all energies to make a contribution, but it is the injection feature attraction.

A mechanical system that Kugelfischer, a company with long experience in supplying injection for BMW sedan factory racers, it works with the plunger pump which supplies fuel to the nozzles in the intake ports. The pump is the right time so that each of the four openings fountains shot from the fuel directly into the combustion chamber when the intake valve open them. Air for delivery, each port is connected to the plenum chamber through the aluminum tube Ram curved rubber seems to be higher than the peak torque speed and due to the length of the tuning of the pipes.

Be under any pretext. And BMW Tii is the “sports car. ” And Tii and 2.0-liter fast cars surprising that in 1502 less than that, but they are very smart. Turbo is a real handful with power monster that is either on or off, requiring a high degree of respect. Other models do not take it for granted either, as they can become a happy tail in slippery conditions, as you would expect from an old car rear wheels. But if the deal lacks any direction, and the front suspension bushes shot more than likely, characterized by steering pull to the left or right under braking.

It will replace the secondary structure and differential rear bushes improve dealing with at the end. BMW Tii is the best performance and investor provides the speed of the initiative, but if a full set has one drawback is the relatively low indebtedness of modern methods. Although the five-speed transfer included as options most of the BMW Tii UK manual were four speeders.

BMW Tii each for less blatantly value. To build a winner of the debates of the annual examination failure can cost tens of thousands of pounds and only Turbo is a rare collection of remote – yet. BMW Tii S withered easy to buy with £ 500 average examples to sell about £ 1500  and £ 1600 with BMW Tii cars for sale more desirable away from the investor for three large cars as easy in £ 2300. Higher investor starts around  sign with the simplest of £ 7000 in BMW Tii, worth around £ 4500 and £ 1502 of about £ 3, 500. Cabriolets worthy of investor money while large turbo needs around £ 15,000 to alleviate the current owner.

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