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Thursday, October 13th, 2016 - Chevrolet
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2017 Chevrolet LUV. During the 1960s, while the Big Three auto manufacturers in America, Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors, have focused on the war pony muscle car, the Japanese automakers are busy tweaking the compact pickup truck. It spurred the American spirit to work through the competition (we’re just not happy if we’re not number one), which was released a little Chevy Luv. Luv was still Japanese cars, however, are simply rebadged and imported from Isuzu, who was able to produce these trucks at the lowest cost in comparison with the United States Besides, during the sixties and seventies, GM was the largest company in the world, and therefore, the Supreme prevailed US auto industry. Basically, it can do what it wants. However, competition has intensified thanks to reliable and affordable vehicles made by Honda, Toyota and Nissan / Datsun.

It was really about the numbers. For example, in 1970, you could buy a new pickup truck Datsun little less than two thousand dollars, compared with nearly $ 20,700 Chevy C10 of the same general style. This has made it attractive to the younger generation of car buyers too, because they can actually afford the truck Datsun quite capable. It was clear that Chevy had something to do in order to stay in the game. Part owner of the Isuzu, outsourcing Chevy compact truck to Japan, importing finished products and then rebadged them as a light utility vehicle, or LUV.

What is important to remember about the Chevrolet LUV pickup truck segment and a built-in general, is that it was created out of necessity, with the emphasis on the practical performance. In 1970, the United States is grappling with a major oil crisis was manufactured Luv fuel efficiency, which has been in spades, consistently topping thirty miles per gallon. Given that the automotive technology were not remotely close to what it is now, Chevrolet LUV was to sacrifice power for this kind of fuel economy. I did sacrifice, and it is easy to see how he recovered from the US oil crisis, that the Chevy LUV fading from sight.

It is interesting to note that it has not disappeared from the foreign markets, and remains crucial to economic success in some foreign countries. Proof that not everyone abandons LUV built on a 4-inch wheelbase 102. willingness to frame him, and appeared to 1972 Chevy LUV suspension with unequal arms in the front and rear axle leaf spring at the rear. The tiny 14-inch wheels wrapped in bias tires for play. Chevy Luv tried to look like a big brother, it sports the same headlights and tail lights quad under the back door, but short stature really set it apart from Chevy trucks largest in the market.

Perhaps making tinny bodies made them vulnerable to the worm out of the tin, but built founded on the long-term. Used Isuzu G gas engine in this series, 1. 8-liter SOHC engine development of what was to Florian this back in the early sixties. As well as proven fact. Focus Isuzu appeared primarily on light trucks and medium to have a trickle-down effect on everyone. Four came with a little 75 horsepower, and then got raised to 80. Oddly enough, did not provide these trucks choice of five-speed, which has been getting very popular with Toyota and Datsun buyers. Yes, they were dressed on the highway.

Although it was only in its first year, Chevrolet sold 21,098 units of pickup truck Chevrolet LUV. Once, I even caught this one hanging out with these gems another game, Suzuki pickup. We’ll get to that one before long again. Trucks game actually, and those that promise to be around for a long time yet. Luv reappeared in the second incarnation for only two years (1981 – 1982) before that GM hits of its own with the S-10 only for the United States. Isuzu was forced to open its own agents, and re-brand pickups in P’up. But that’s another story: puppy love.

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