2017 Chrysler Town And Country Review And Info

Saturday, October 15th, 2016 - Chrysler

2017 Chrysler Town And Country. A new minivan Chrysler Town and Country -2017 model year marks the American producer on the podium, and Detroit cars. New Chrysler Pacifica replace Chrysler city model and the countryside, and potential buyers will appreciate the modern from the outside design of the body in a car Chrysler model 200, an elegant interior, roomy interior and trunk, there is a new platform, the gasoline engine hybrid version of the hybrid Chrysler Town and Country.

Although the camouflage hides almost all of the details, it can be noticed that the 2017 Chrysler Town And Country will be the new front end, which is largely inspired by the 200. Chrysler also comes along with more elegance and some dodge the items that will not be carried over to the production design. Styling will make the truck look shorter, while actually being a little personal taller. Side and body care are very similar to the concept of 700C, but without the side windows crazy. It has a little bit of a cab forward design reference to the 1996-2000 Dodge Grand Caravan them.

Depth is quite different from the concept and look more upscale lot of models. The current interior is more convincing from the outside, but he characterized the steering wheel Dodge source, digital counters and the system of information and entertainment. It can also trim the wood to be seen, accompanied by metallic accents and dizziness No. gear selector. A goodies technology including interface uconnect popular with “8. 4 in the dashboard, and is expected screen. It seems that Chrysler may even add digital screen in the dashboard.

Gasoline version of the 2017 Chrysler Town And Country with a 3. 6-liter engine V6 Pentastar (287 hp 361 Nm) with the start-stop system, paired with the carrier 9. The automatic transmission hybrid version of the 2017 Chrysler Town And Country with the power plant, which include gasoline 3. 6-liter V6 (248 hp 312 Nm), bi-EV drive motor, and lithium-ion battery. On electricity reserves 16 kWh by a small hybrid traction drives are not able to travel up to 48 km. Manufacturer claims average fuel consumption of the hybrid version of 4. 7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Restore electric fuel reserves in the battery takes only a few hours.

And it will be displayed 2017 Chrysler Town And Country North American International Auto Show in January next year. Pricing will start at approximately $ 26,000. With this price, Chrysler stands a good chance to leave its competitors behind. With a new city on the maximum equipment and the level of the country in 2017 will extend all the way up until the mid $ 40,000 model neighborhood. MPV with similar characteristics for the European market (only with a smaller engine) is the new Opel / Vauxhall Zafira (2016 Buick perception). Also in this competition a new segment for the Town & Country is: Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan and Toyota Sienna.

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