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Sunday, October 16th, 2016 - Ferrari
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2017 Ferrari California. Traditionally Italian automaker Ferrari likes to surprise his audience with the release of a new powerful and efficient car. The exception was not in the convertible version called Ferrari California T. less than a year and a half was the car show for the US market. During this time, it managed to convert speed to satisfy many car owners. But the company Ferrari Italian administration claims that the production of this car in the European market will be available no earlier than 2017.

This is a new amendment to quickly convert 2017 Ferrari California T. as befits the European company, for the domestic market for the car will get some updates and improvements. A more aggressive appearance. It is expected that the features of the eccentric of the body and helps to improve eyesight, “the effect of speed” and give the car a more aggressive disposition.

The outer part of the new 2017 Ferrari California T looks more aggressive than the outgoing model. It comes with a front grille angular. Surrounded by the barrier headlights look sharp and slim side air intakes. On the side, and it includes the car on the sharp lines that start from the side vents and run breeches. They break for a brief period to allow space for the door handles, and then stretch breeches ending near the rear fenders. This design has been adopted from the 250 Testa Rossa. The back of so much has not changed. She automaker new vents behind the rear wheels.

Some character lines start from the slots and extends under the Space Billboard license. Also it has been modified rear diffuser to feature three fins. Still in the rear, and you will love the exhaust pipes and the Quartet are organized horizontally. Grapes tail light has not changed as the rear deck that holds the metal roof when folded. This solid takes only 14 seconds to fall. It is run by the touch of a button. 2017 Ferrari California T will ride on the dark gray 5 spoke wheels.

If you’re dedicated track racer, you will need to add a handling package SPECIALE. On the outside, this package adds front grille finished in matte paint Grigio Ferro Met which also are on the rear diffuser to match. It also adds matte black package exhaust pipes. In terms of dimensions, the car is 179. 92 inches long, 75. 19 inches wide and 52. 04 inches. It weighs 3. 582 lbs, and has a weight distribution of 47% front and 53% at the rear. Sliding on the inside, you will find almost to that of the previous model similar interior. Ferrari and refined cabin only modern point of view.

Refining begins with multiple steering wheel of new jobs, which includes a set of control buttons. Flat bottom steering wheel also comes with a large paddle shifters. Control of the steering wheel to make it look similar to that of a car F1. Cabin still maintains a mass measuring 3-pod, but auto and hooked it up with a modern look and also a graphics upgrade. As the car comes with the quality and media system and HVAC system quality that fall vertically controls. For models with handling SPECIALE package, there is a special panel suggests that this model is not the 2017 Ferrari California T.

Regular package upgrades the car’s suspension, engine and transfer of electronic and software for the engine. Upgrades lead to faster throttle response and faster shift times when you select Sport mode. The package also contains a new exhaust system that has been revised. And silencers for the new system to increase the exhaust note as the revs increase.

According to management, there will be serious work on improving the technical aspects of the car. It can be considered one big improvement brand new aluminum platform of the car. Engineers believe that this decision will allow to reduce the weight of the converter, and thus to improve the capacity. Significant changes will also affect the interior of the car. It is expected that the car will be filled with new luxury materials and elements. As for the powertrain, most likely, it will be the 2. 9-liter V-shaped six-cylinder Biturbo engine, which has a capacity of 600 horsepower and a more “charged” version will be powered by 3. 8-liter in the form of engine eight-cylinder with 560 a horse.

The 2017 Ferrari California t have a starting price of about $ 200,000. Adding SPECIALE handling take the price to more than $ 210,000 package. Super will hit dealer showrooms in September this year. When it comes out, the 2017 Ferrari California T face of competition from the 2017 Audi R8 V10 Jaguar F type of car.

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