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Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 - Fiat
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2017 Fiat Palio. Fiat is working on a new generation Palio South America and Europe. At the same time, the company is also working to get one for India. And it will be built Fiat Palio 2017 on different platforms for different markets. For example, Palio (as they are called X6H) and sharing its name with the new Linea (X6S) in Brazil, and this is the platform Palio and Uno long. For other markets, where not built Uno and Palio any more than that, you will be using the SCA (building a small car) to build these new cars.

This is something similar to what I did with Renault Captur / Kaptur. Both look identical at home and abroad, and we expect to dimensions and will provide the platform. New 2017 Fiat Palio with three doors and five-door versions. There is also a sedan version of the Palio, which will be presented with for sale as well. Palio will even get a very Abart copy.

From the time of the timing of the primaries, but the body styling is left to the market about the current 2017 Fiat Palio, it will start a brand new lightweight to switch his or her gone because he is great in 2017 to obtain mortality. However in 2011 is really a new tender within Fiat, Brazil, mainly in the latest version is different. Specific element superior about this year mortality can be sold modern mortality. Hatch said of the actual date is not yet up to be shown are not just finish this year.

Usually, brands that want to take the element of popular magazines as well as other cars since one of the criteria used by the end involved with October. Along with or with premium out, you should rush correction up, 2017 Fiat Palio mortality usually amazing commitment of time to get out 2017 2014. First will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor show Exhibition 2005 (2005 IAA), the current Fiat Palio is the result really is a 3rd generation. Is to get to create your own copy of the fourth generation in all parts of Brazil, confirms the new spy photos totally engineering mules high heels after continued customized to the requirements of R & D trailer.

Typically interior will be extra special higher degree compared with these days. Indoor spy photos, which in turn comes out recently revealed that the actual tire comes off the unique Jeep Renegade. It ended with heating and air conditioning vents basic physical link next to the inclusion of the elements, which indicates that there is usually a program and media uconnect using a stand-alone display.

And it will be based on the 2017 Fiat Palio, which will get India on the SCA as the company has already translated this podium and looked forward to add more value to this sector. The new Palio general be more extensive while the features offered not be the best in its class. Mortality stick to the DNA not to provide those features that are not required.

It will be the launch of the new 2017 Fiat Palio to India in 2018 and this comes with a 1. 2-liter and 1. 4-liter gasoline engine options, while diesel should be 1. 3 liters. Fiat also is working on MultiAir engines for the Indian car market, and they will make for the first time with the new Linea and Palio. As the demand for gasoline vehicles on the rise, and Fiat will consider adding a more powerful and efficient engines in fuel consumption. Fiat will offer this with MultiAir and even T-JET engine options.

This disc will be front-wheel drive hatchback. There will even copy Abart that will come with the 1. 4-liter turbo petrol, which will produce power for 160-170 bhp engine. They will all engines have come with five-speed manual transmission, and there are dual clutch transmission mileage Abart Options versions. The new 2017 Fiat Palio will be about 12 km / liter to 14 km / liter gasoline engine, while the diesel engine will have a higher efficiency of 16 km / liter.

There will be no significant increase in the prices of the new 2017 Fiat Palio. Perhaps it can be expected to rise amounted to about five percent of the Palio. Fiat will start at about 11,000 pounds for the base model, three-door version. There will be a new generation of five-door version too. The function will also be the launch of Linea at the same stage. SCA will also spur on a new platform B- SUV. Four-wheel drive cars, which was the former as they are called X3U India’s name was canceled, but it has been some work on it made with a disc in his program.

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