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Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 - Ford
ford mustang gt500 shelby price for 2017 review

2017 Ford GT500. We all know Shelby as a producer for special versions of the Mustang – the most powerful and fast, the first generation since the days in the mid-60S. As for the latest generation of the Ford Mustang, which appeared in 2015, Shelby did not use the full potential of the new model. Recently there was a model GT350 and GT350R track to modify, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Experts Shelby most interesting left for later – with the release of the 2017 Ford GT500, which is already actively being tested on the race tracks and public roads.

Go with the carrier only manual transmission will be GT350 coupe will be a comprehensive renovation restores 5. 2-liter V-8 that produces 529 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque without the help of a turbocharger or supercharger. Ford Mustang GT500 conversion in 2017, reports indicate Ford evaluates dual-turbocharged 5. 0-liter V-8 that can produce more than 700 horsepower. The ideal foot preparation and savings account an appropriate balance. We certainly would not recommend for it.

Great updates for transmission, media, or other jobs that do not occur. And you’ll get a call newest Ford system: synchronized 3 is a welcome upgrade from the MyFord Touch curse. It sports a strengthened ability to recognize the voice and touch-screen LCD 8 inches with your mobile device and control gesture similar to the panel, consisting of beatings and pinch-to-zoom. Car shows and GT coupe can be purchased with black roofing system for the management of a wide variation of a few powerful this car paint colors, such as “Yellow trilogy” and “Competitors oranges. ”

The brand new Mustang uses a recently established rear-wheel drive platform which is dubbed “S550. “of course, the huge news of the S550 is that it includes independent rear suspension. Our guess is that this is where most of the deal with the 2017 Ford GT500 offers unfocused. Engineers must adjust the suspension system for the management of the engine Trinity wonderful orientation and balance distinct weight. In earlier scenes from the 2017 Ford GT500 mules, and found exactly what sounded ceramic carbon brake rotors glancing through a spokesman, said the front wheels, with the rear discs apparently crafted from steel.

These cars are moving with some blankets expensive than the aesthetic side is installed on the wheels, ignoring any understanding on exactly what can stop this test. Indeed cover exists now recommends Ford will undoubtedly move away from steel brake the car issued. We expect any updates look to 2017, beyond the color of a brand new option is possible or 2. That said, if Ford were to make adjustments, do not expect anything important. The Nip / Tuck forward and rear fascia, wheel designs some brand new and selection of interior modifications that the level is not likely.

If I got on the horse, the list is not enough by the press or the customer, the more likely the auto industry hurry to fix it. But Ford is not really to try and treat exactly what frankly is not broken. This good-looking four-seater is the indisputable champion of sales between the medium car elegant price. Chevrolet Camaro is 2 remote, although it’s the most likely to achieve progress in the endurance of your outstanding very model year 2016 redesign.

As for the engines used in the new 2017 Ford GT500 opinions of experts vary. At present, there are a lot of rumors and speculation, which often contradict each other. Now there are two versions of the possible 2018 power units new Shelby GT500. The first version – GT500 2018 model year for the first time in the history of the brand will be processed without a V8, instead there will be a twin-turbo V6. This ensures that power is not less, but will significantly reduce the weight of the car, which had a positive impact on its performance characteristics. In our opinion, it is extremely unlikely – it’s a copy is still more expensive does not use less than the GT350 engine (it has a V8).

In addition, you can perform such a move will have a negative impact on sales. The second option is more likely – the 2017 Ford GT500 for the first time gets a unique car showrooms V8 5. 0 twin-turbo that will power easily exceeded hero – the Dodge Challenger perished. It is expected that up to about 740HP V8 power. And confirms the possibility of using this engine has also been recently equipped prototype test mule with this engine.

It is scheduled to release a new high-performance 2017 Ford GT500 modified towards the end of 2017. Perhaps the announcement of the model comes first on a motor shows. The new Shelby car pricing extremist unknown. It is expected at the level of not less than $ 90,000

ford shelby gt500 cost for 2017 review

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