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Saturday, October 8th, 2016 - Lincoln
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2017 Lincoln Navigator. You need to be investigated for drug abuse, pun intended designers Lincoln Navigator concept of 2017. How else would they have not reached an agreement to link the concept of the explorer with gull-wing doors and the entrance steps of teak? These features certainly caught everyone surprise.

Thankfully, Kumar Galhorta, President Lincoln said that these monuments are just designers use their creativity to give enthusiasts a closer look at the cabin of vehicles. He added that the features and won the “Make production. The fall in line with the concept of goal for Lincoln to renew SUVs such as the sector is growing range upward powered by lower fuel prices, which have made this attractive part again for the automotive industry

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is based on the concept of the new external profile similar aluminum platform to those used on the 2015 Ford F-150. This system will lead to less weight and therefore better performance and improved fuel economy. Apart from the gull-wing doors and steps leading to the cabin and that will not make production, and SUVs is virtually unchanged from the model. The some new features that have been added in 2016 include a grille that looks similar to that of the Bentley Bentayga cover clamshell engine that mimics the Range Rover.

Other features still not changed since Lincoln does not want to tamper with the external side iconic explorer which are popular in the market already. Exterior finish in an elegant blue paint work. The gull-wing doors open to reveal a compartment exciting interesting. 2017 Lincoln Navigator 6 features a contoured seats too. Can you believe that all the seats 30 way adjustable power? Well, if this is hard to believe, and you will be surprised to know that my husband’s concept of cargo space to serve as a functional closet with shelves.

Car carrier buttons look like keys for piano. Its interior designers emphasis on the entertainment package. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is characterized by touch in front of a giant screen for the driver. All rear passengers get a screen similar to a disk mounted on the head restraints from all the seats. Shadow external soft blue paint lasts at home, where premium cabin seats upholstered in blue leather.

The also contain a variety of techniques semi-autonomous and which is likely to reach production. These techniques include 360-degree camera, before the collision braking help detect pedestrians, lane keep assist and parking assist among others. Most automakers do not reveal the entire interior design cues of the concept. Consequently, we expect much more cues in the production model.

Under the hood of the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator is the only engine – a 3. 5 L turbo V6 – capable of pumping output rated at 380 horsepower and 460 lbs. Ft of torque. This force is transferred to the rear wheels via a six-speed economy system. Fuel automatic transmission system FWD stands at 17 mpg in combined city / highway cruising.

Should the expected date of issuance in the first half of 2017, a time, at least according to recent industry rumors. Pricing has already been announced by the Lincoln, 2017 Lincoln Navigator was unchanged over the previous model, which calls for an MSRP ranging from $ 63,195.

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