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Friday, October 7th, 2016 - Mercedes
mercedes 280 sl roadster for 2017 update

2017 Mercedes 280SL. This SL arrived from the rear of the 300 SL and SL 190, but caused a stir as it looked nothing like floating on a complex surface has predecessors. The and was replaced by curves sensuous by the shape of the body is a much simpler, while earned a concave the roof Temple name was 1969 and SL 280. processing we traveled with an automatic gearbox with four speeds, and I did not want to be hurried along. But this was not a problem when he was a very comfortable ride and we were looking for was cool. This curse that the first model to confirm the step Mercedes’ to focus on the rest.

To help 550,000 of these owners in the United States service, and Mercedes-Benz classic opened the United States Center in Irvine, California, in the heart of the country’s Mercedes. Such as the European counterpart in Fellbach, Germany, Classic Center is an example of housing a museum for the collection of 400 cars from the company’s vintage Benzes. It is also a warehouse of spare parts, and restoration workshop fully equipped, sell loved by Mercedes, which has been fettled to a country that is as good as (or actually surpassing) new.

Prices vary, but all are high. An example is this immaculate Maytag white 1971 Mercedes 280SL with 26,000 original miles. It gleams with newness, an elegant time machine that completely unwinds the clock to the Nixon administration. It did not pass it one of the restoration -3000 hour center (at a price of $ 100 per hour to cover parts and labor), but this car at the age of 35 years has undergone enough rebuilding, rechroming, repainting, paint cadmium nuts her nails to lead $ 79,900 sticker.

2017 Mercedes 280SL. starts at $ 97,275, but does not have any temple. Was dubbed the 1963-1971 SL car name “Temple” because the ceiling fixed for secession was optional for him, Panel Center concave a bit thin brackets on both sides by two columns thicker. The proposed design of the Mercedes safety engineer Bella BarĂ©nyi to immunize against the roof of the extension, but also proved a handsome and graceful, especially when viewed head-on. Demand reflects the appeal Temple: Mercedes sold 48, 912 of these sustainable livelihoods worldwide.

Michael Kunz, director classic center hopes to sell two of the restoration Benzes per month. To store showroom him, and said he was on the prowl basis for coupe and convertibles postwar and gas-sizzling 6. 3 and 6. 9 V-8 sedans from the early 70s. “We are mainly interested in special interests and limited production cars, ” he says. The Centre, which is equipped with a workshop spotless and work and paint booth $ 300,000, and also take on the restoration was commissions.

Kunz such confidence in this 2017 Mercedes 280SL. That turned us loose on public roads and even allow us to implement the testing procedures we have on it. And injected 162-horsepower overhead cam inline six starts and works with a smooth flap that looks like playing cards in bicycle spokes. Wheel-dub size makes the light guide finger, and pedal on the four-wheel disc brakes with the help of banks devices in mayonnaise.

A feather touch on the built-clicking Mercedes cars four-speed between gears if you want to change yourself and the best way to extract the speed. With 60 miles per hour with in 8. 6 seconds, and stops from 70 mph in 233 feet, and the old SL prove it was built modern enough to survive in traffic speeds today.

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