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Friday, October 7th, 2016 - Mercedes
2016 mercedes 300e for 2017 update

2017 Mercedes 300. Mercedes-Benz and completely revitalize its product lineup over the past few years, first through its support in the roots, with the new compact sedan swoopy CLA-Class, and then cross the GLA- Class match. What room remain until the line model for the C-Class once modest to become more sophisticated so far (even sexy) car. Now, within the limits of utility crossover, Mercedes-Benz form to apply some of the same mojo new nameplates, not quite, a medium-sized GLC category.

2017 Mercedes 300 is to replace the completely redesigned for the Mercedes-Benz GLK, which was, until recently, a smaller, more affordable Mercedes crossover. At first look, there’s absolutely no doubt that everything in the family. Followed the current GLK form this much boxier of the largest M-Class (now called the 300); but with the new 2016 GLC,

Moving Mercedes-Benz glimpse somewhat more diverse and details, yet softer and design the front end, which is the most striking away. While we have to admit we were going to miss serious, chiseled lines in the GLK, the GLC takes a step upmarket, and now is similar to the 2017 Mercedes 300 first-class to the extent that if you do not see it next to one, you may be left wondering which one you seeing. It in true there is a small gap.

There are now teams are only about 6 inches “in length between the two countries. Just like the C-Class and Redesigned for 2015, 2017 Mercedes 300 gets a big bump in overall length (4. 6 inches) and wheelbase (4. 7 inches) -plus a few inches more length, which should lead to the interior much spaciousness. it leads to a 2. 2-inch leg room more background, in addition to an area that is easier to get in and out, in general.

Increase cargo space as part of the 2017 Mercedes 300 in “growth strategy”, as the automaker puts it, with the word goods both longer and wider than ever before. hands-free (activated by the criticism under foot) back door process is available, and the lowest setting air suspension also allows loading. While have seen GLC as a turnkey 2017 Mercedes 300 (ml, to update), it not pretentious. the design of the interior is also very different key and upgrade the look of a more simple and the GLK.

2017 Mercedes 300 to go with a design that is clearly affected that of the current private in-dash C- Class, which follows a horizontal view instead of that is the portion of the center console and a wide center console and a set of round holes, with independent information and entertainment display stands on top of that. Inlaid metal edges and soft-touch materials add up to look jeweled which was reserved for the most expensive models M b.

2017 Mercedes 300 is powered by a 241 horsepower, 2. 0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine and this is what suit vector nine-speed automatic transmission. He said Mercedes tuned turbocharger for that provides more power at the low-end of the engine with a more “grunt”, and that should be the new engine does not make people miss the GLK-Class “V engine -6. But I’m not ready to say that I do not miss V- 6, because with the extra weight of all-wheel-drive, performance in the 300 was not blowing me away. Specifically, and the engine is underwhelming on the line, though, once you move there is a good response.

Better performance with rear-wheel drive, but I wonder how many buyers SUV going want to live without four-wheel drive. Standard in GLC is the reason Mercedes-dynamic system, select it, and that enables you to switch from the comfort of the Organization for economic cooperation sport or media aggressive sports for +. this changes the whole feel of the routing and response transmission, but no mode completely overcome the initial delay of the green light Committee of the deadlock.

So, too, is it with the price. The wheel-drive each 2017 Mercedes 300 starts at $ 39, 875 (including destination all prices), compared with $ 36,210 for RDX $ 41,825 and Q5 at lower prices for (all models Q5 comes with four-wheel drive). Will ascend to the four-wheel drive will cost $ 41,875 for 300 and $ 37,710 for RDX. While the RDX is cheaper than a few thousand dollars from 300 in any comparison, it’s not the cheapest enough to make it the winner of the Slam Dunk, and the price of Q5 competitive compared with 2017 Mercedes 300.

Compare models here. Taken on its own as cars and small SUV in the lineup Mercedes’. 2017 Mercedes 300 is more comfortable and practical GLK, thanks to a larger size, amenities and quality goods interior. Performance with all-wheel-drive, though, is a bit underwhelming in the department to pay you back-in-seat rocket forward, really, but do not be unfair to call it bad. All at all, and will be 300 people forget the previous one in a short time, therefore, careful and thorough about the improvements. And it has entered the competition in the SUV category luxury compact.

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