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Thursday, October 6th, 2016 - Renault
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2017 Renault Megane. Australian delivery of the next generation Renault Megane five-door is just around the corner, with the expected sales for some time history in September. But clearly, can Renault Australia will not wait all this time to show them the expected hot Volkswagen Golf competitor to the media, local traders, because it brought four left, the leadership of the European car specifications here hot from the Spanish plant for “market planning”. on the one hand was the 2017 Renault Megane in two levels Specifications: GT line and GT, and the first of which is the base width with the sports equipments, the latter of which formed as pseudo very capable Golf GTI rival.

It’s a similar story inside. Renault has flowed down many of the elements of the new European luxury models such as the 2017 Renault Megane Talisman to the cabin, and significantly increased the quality of metal and plastic foam, which is the feel of good quality. As is the case with the French brand fellow new Peugeot models, and implementing feel German. Both a little bit of our cars testing, and GT-Line and GT, were loaded with features such as changing the cabin ambient lamps (part of the GT- Line package); supportive sport buckets of suede with dual density foam, and drove out of the luxury sedan Talisman.

Bose stereo and crisp. Both test vehicles we also have TFT digital tools with Speedo digital multi-display will be formats. The Meghan available with two different sized touchscreens supports simple to run and R- LINK 2 software Reno: 7. 0 inch basic landscape unit with a standard reversing camera view, or an optional 8. 7-inch image, which can pinch and zoom like a smart phone screen. No surprise that came from on our specced to-nines cars. Flicking tested through various means of driving on a multi-Sense Renault system, installed on each of the GT-Line and GT, adjusts the switching times of the EDC, and resistance in the electronic power steering and in response to the gas pedal and even the cabin lighting.

You can also pipe the engine noise in the cabin, to make either drivetrain seems more aggressive and throat of the driver seat. We certainly can attest to balance bodywork strong fourth 2017 Renault Megane and the suspension is well sorted. And based on the car on the Renault Platform Module common (with a lot in common with things as normal, such as qashqai in Nissan), but in the mid-corner balance and body control, as well as harsh bump absorption, and feel even with a real best. The revelation is 4Control system trick in the 2017 Renault Megane GT, which paints a subtly rear wheels.

At low speeds (less than 80 km / h), the rear wheels turn very slightly against the fronts to help maneuver, while at high speeds, which is leading in the same direction to help stabilize. It’s not a new technology (think 80S classic “Japanese cars like the Honda Prelude), but it really works well. A- back-to-back test on the high-speed rotor in GT- line without 4Control GT and it reveals the stark differences. Nose GT just tucks in, rear wheels seem to ‘push’ the car around corners. No front-wheel drive on a leash here. in a high-speed ring, and saw the car more stable and responsive. I actually had to correct input on what seems over-eager several times before modification.

Unlike most brands based in the United States, the Renault cars usually have a large list of engines available and, in this case, will be displayed 2017 Renault Megane car with five different engines at all. Gasoline on the front, there SCE 115, which can be paired with a five-speed manual or CVT and TCE 130 that mates to a seven-speed gear box or double-clutch six-speed manual. On the diesel front, there is a choice DCI 90, DCI 110, or DCI 130. DCI 90 DCI 130 and are available with six-speed manual while the DCI 110 can be optioned with a six or EDC6 dual clutch transmission speed.

With Renault after the disclosure of the pricing of the 2017 Renault Megane sedan information, but with Hatch Go ¬£ 18,040 car tourist sport’s Go ¬£ 19,070 (around $ 23,956 and $ 25,324 at current exchange rates) sedan should bring somewhere in the neighborhood of about $ 25.500. We will update you with the official pricing as it becomes available.

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