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Thursday, October 6th, 2016 - Scania
scania dakar 2016 for 2017 update

2017 Scania. Scania unveiled today (Tuesday 23), the new generation of trucks. The new models are the result of ten years of development and investment of about $ 2,380,000,000 (something around R 7. 7 billion $), according to industry Swedish automotive link to “expand the display thanks to the unique units of its kind system, and provide more stages of performance and connectivity and a full range of services that increase productivity and sustainable transport solutions designed specifically to each client in the transportation sector. “

The common denominator is that the population has developed a wide range of custom designed products and service solutions, which help to reduce operating and maintenance costs, and also to enhance the vehicle aimed uptime. 2017 Scania to become a leader in the field of sustainable transport, where partnerships and digitization will play an increasingly important role. Sustainability is also one of the logos in the next release, which will be crucial for the future competitiveness of the population and the ability of its customers and also to their clients.

Scania’s new R and S 2017 Scania‘s promise to be up to 5% more efficient. It features new, there are new engines and a completely redesigned cabin, which according to the brand that provides more space for the driver. Models there are still a number of advantages to reduce aerodynamic drag, and three air deflection adjustable to improve the alignment between the cab and the roof trailer, as well as a new smaller spaces between the lights and other trucks Foreign components.

The equipped with defenses 13-liter 410 hp, 450 hp and 500 hp and 15. 6-liter V8 520 horsepower, 580 horsepower and 730 horsepower, which has been redesigned, with completion by the new injection, combustion magazines, cameras and a new system for cooling. It has been testing new models propellants population of more than 10 million kilometers during the development process.

The new 2017 Scania trucks in Södertälje production in Sweden. It is not known, but when the news reached the market.

scania 2016 model for 2017 update

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