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Thursday, October 6th, 2016 - Toyota
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2017 Toyota 2000GT. Toyota 2000GT is considered to be the first Japanese “super. ” Toyota has provided for them in a very limited number, starting from 1967, and was quite a departure from the process usually does not make sense in the Japanese auto market. Car has been designed and developed by Yamaha, and was originally in discussions with Nissan for its product so. And 2000 GT are very distinctive looking. It reminiscent Jaguar, all with the end of the curvy front and smooth, flowing lines. It is almost free from the bumper, directly with the headlights on both sides of the barrier (the pop-up headlights were also included to meet the standards of the United States. ) Internal Included real wood shavings.

Designed by Jiro Kawano and Satoru Nozaki, and visualize 2000GT with typical proportions and design of sports cars 1960s. The long nose, muscular front fenders, short overhangs, and like the roof fastback with a rear hatch. Thanks to its design “coke bottle” and planning traditional grand tourer, and is considered a classic and widely among 1960s GTs. Although is believed widely that the 2017 Toyota 2000GT was inspired by the Jaguar E- Type, incorporating features many Nozaki design not seen on other 1960s GT. Was the most striking details to arrange quad headlamps consists of two units mounted on each side of the front grille and a pair of pop-up lights above them.

Around noon, put the tail lights on the metal frames instead of being mounted directly in the body. Combined with exhaust-mounted center, it gave the tail lights and 2000 GT race car-like appearance. Somewhat unusual for Toyota again in the 1960s. The interior of 2017 Toyota 2000GT was a major departure from other Toyota products. Although it was somewhat compared with European products similar narrow, it did provide some comfort and amenities featured luxury unprecedented in the Toyota. These included a panel of rosewood veneers, wooden frames of the console center stack and center, and the steering wheel with wood frames. As radio tuner seeks auto and fit and finish is noteworthy.

On the other hand, the 2017 Toyota 2000GT does not receive the air conditioning system was so 1969. The panel similar gauges ING T other than age, is composed of two main gauges behind the steering wheel and a set of buttons below. Five hours youngest sat on the radio unit, while littered with more keys on the center console. The sports seats to some extent, but still far from what it was like Jaguar or Ferrari for progress. All told, the 2017 Toyota 2000GT something more than is necessary for the driver to enjoy the car and major tourist car.

Under the hood, the 2017 Toyota 2000GT was a 2. 0-liter straight-six unit on the basis of the engine from a Toyota Crown. Mill was modified by Yamaha, who added a double overhead cam shaft head of a new, three, two-barrel carburetors SOLEX, mathematical engine that delivered 150 horsepower and 130 pound-feet of torque. Nine cars were built with a larger 2. 3-liter engine, and also based on the Crown, rated at 140 horsepower and 148 pound-feet.

Were shipped all cars of 2. 3 liters to the United States offered initially with the five-speed transmission only manual transmission, 2000GT received an optional three-speed automatic in the 1969. Although regarded widely as “Japan’s first super”, and the 2000 GT wasn`t among the fastest cars in the catch him. It needs 10 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour and at least 24 ticks for up to 100 miles per hour. The estimated top speed of 128 miles per hour.

Although these numbers are impressive to some extent because of the engine had only 150 hp – 2017 Toyota 2000GT and the weight of only 2400 pounds, and was a 49/51 weight distribution – they were far from similar vehicles from the 1960s. 1969 Nissan Z Werleida (Nissan S30 / Datsun 240Z), for example, which had a similar output but it was 100 pounds lighter, and was mph sprint from 0 to 60 of about eight seconds. 1962 Jaguar E- type, which had a more powerful engine and a similar curb weight, it was even faster than that, to reach 60 mph in seven seconds.

It produces only slightly more than 300 2000GTs 1967-1973, with only 60 making it to the United States and sold to then sky-high price of about $ 7, 000. It is now highly collectible, and today 2000GT mint condition can fetch more than $ 100,000 at auction. It has had the 2017 Toyota 2000GT is also a place in pop culture, most notably in the James Bond flick You Only Live Twice. And ensure that the film 2000GT converter specially updated and amended, which did not actually sold. In Japanese animation Sailor Moon, one of the main characters also leads convert 2000GT.

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