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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 - Ford
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2018 Ford Super Duty. Market of European and American cars are quite different, especially when it comes to Truck. The Super Duty pickup’s most popular ever since it was released, but in Europe never reached the popularity.

There are many duty super models, such as the F-250, F-350 and F-450, but it seems that the F-150 is the best-selling of the family van. Although the efficiency is difficult (Ram, Silverado, etc.) This truck was able to find a way to the top. Perhaps the most important characteristic of these trucks and towing capacity of which was increased gradually each year.

With the 2018 Ford Super Duty these features will be upgraded, as well as the frame and engine. In spite of having a lot of reliable information about this truck, we decided to take into account all the speculation and the creation of a review for you.

Each new 2018 Ford Super Duty series can pull heavy trailers and pull the cargo is heavier than ever, with a maximum capacity square diameter raised to 32,500 pounds, F-450, strengthened the fifth towing capacity and wheel to the class-leading 27,500 pounds of conventional and pull class-leading 21,000 for rated pounds, maximum payload is now up to the best in class 7,630 pounds.

Most power: 6. 7-liter power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel boosts horsepower to 440 and torque to the class-leading 925 lbs leading first-class for all models pickup – the F-250 to F-450. 6. 2-liter V8 gas model provides torque the best car in its class of 430 Rtal- ft. Most confidence: Smart Technologies category exclusive help make the country easier and enable and increase confidence, including BLIS® with tow, adaptive cruise control, which works with heavier trailers, trailer reverse direction to help back up trailers.

Super start enhanced the ability of duty with high strength, for military purposes, aluminum and steel alloys very force that helps reduce weight by up to 350 pounds. Reinvested Ford savings weight in the more powerful components everywhere it is necessary to give customers more of the country and the ability to refer the ever include before. Improvements all pickup truck 2018 Ford Super Duty framework of all-new, fully boxed that more than 95 percent high strength steel and up to 24 times more than the previous frame stiffness to support increased towing.

2018 Ford Super Duty is the undisputed leader in the country, offering the best available performance car in its class in all categories diameter, in addition to smart technology is another competitor to enable him more confidence when towing. A four-door Ford F-450 truck pulling a huge 1,290 pounds more than the nearest competitor, and Ram 3500, which must be a two-day regular taxi door of the truck to hit the number of maximum pull. Is increasing the maximum diameter fifth wheel to 27,500 – 2,500 pounds better than nearest competitor.

Maximum rating combined weight of the total of the truck and trailer out now tops in the class-leading 41,800 pounds. That is more than half of the maximum weight for a period of 18 wheeler semi tractor-trailer combination on most federal highways. This ability to identify industry offset technology drips never-before-seen. 2018 Ford Super Duty is the first truck that offers Cruise Control Adaptive Alarm collision with Brake Support heavy trailers, which truckers allowed to traverse the steep mountain grades while maintaining the speed – even with a trailer weighing 32,500 pounds.

Super duty can pull over any other heavy duty pickup. Maximum load 2018 Ford Super Duty F-350 is 7630 pounds – more than any competitor, Ford period. The design, Ford engineered, Ford-built second-generation 6. 7-liter power Stroke® V8 turbo diesel that powers Super Duty now offers the best-in-class group 440 horsepower and nearly 925 pounds of torque. That force is the standard for all small and super duty diesel – from the F-250 to F-450 – without the need for special settings or unique devices of its kind.

If you are considering a new purchase of 2018 Ford Super Duty should your horses hold, because they will not reach the market earlier in the fourth quarter of 2017 and prices will vary depending on the model, and thus form the least expensive, and F 150, will cost about $33,000, while the F-450, which is the most expensive Super Duty truck in the family, would cost under $70,000.

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