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Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 - GMC
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2018 GMC SUV. When it comes to SUVs, GMC is definitely a brand of confidence. Is recognized widely this section of General Motors to produce cars and crossover vehicles excellent SUV of all sizes.

GMC SUV models from between the upper and most exclusive. Truck and SUV full-size, and was released GMC SUV for the first time in the dealerships in 1992. During the long years, spanning 24 years, with four generations, I have enjoyed the current generation following.

The positive, which was launched in 2014, still a relatively new model, but we expect to see some minor changes, but clear in the next 2018 GMC SUV. Modern expect the car to get a number of improvements and has many advantages. And it will come with convenience features to ensure a quiet, smooth ride. Performance wise, and raise the level of GMC number of specifications that gives it improved engine under the hood.

And he confirmed the existence of equipment and tools developed in this form. It will include major changes in this model powerful engine, side mirrors and fog lamps on the front end. Further information is available on the outside of this model. And materials from the body of the car changed to enhance the dynamic features aerodynamic. We can expect new materials such as leather and aluminum in the body of the car.

The use of aluminum also reduces body weight. It can be the other main features on the outer side it includes alloy wheels measuring 20 inches, side mirrors and rear view camera. Similarly, we can find a chrome grille, LED lights, wiper adjusted. To ensure passenger comfort, it will be applied to new passive entry system. Front end to get two pairs of LED or fog lights to make sure the best vision. Performance of the 2018 GMC SUV drive may increase up to many folds due to report updates.

The news that the interior of this vehicle will also offer immediate changes in the form of air conditioning, cruise control and heated seats. The presence of Bluetooth, touch screen, CD player also add comfort for passengers. The navigation system and stability control also add security features of this model. 2018 GMC SUV will have leather seats with floor mats. The seats are very comfortable and smooth. The roof also get a layer of thin sheets.

Interior cabin also offers hangers, and USB ports and curtains. And dashboard provides many options, such as touching the keyboard, LCD and design. It will be displayed in black color for the convenience of the people. The size of the LCD may be about 8 inches. It is expected to maintain its internal climate the use of heating and cooling system.

2018 GMC SUV gets the same engine than its predecessor. Car buyers can expect to choose between the two units. The base model carrying a 5.3-liter V8 that packs 355 horsepower and a torque of 383 pound-feet engine. Another variable gets a larger 6. 2-liter V8 that packs 420 horsepower and drive torque of 460 pound-feet. Will the current 8-speed gearbox is probably the helm of engines, but it should be noted that the GMC has been working on a new transmission that we may soon see the 2018 GMC SUV engine.

Release date is unknown but the news show that this model may hit the market in the last quarter of 2017. Osov The projected cost of this model will be about $47,000 but could rise in the future. It can include major competitors or competitors of the 2018 GMC SUV Chevrolet Tahoe. We will offer a wide range of safety features such as seat belts, braking system, airbags, sensors and alarms. It is also expected that the rear-view and stability control camera.

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