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Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 - Jeep
2016 jeep patriot for 2018 news

2018 Jeep Patriot. There is information on the Internet that the manufacturer of the Jeep is preparing a new model of SUV segment. In the introduction, and talented artists showed their understanding of the new car, which will replace the Jeep Patriot and Compass models will be displayed at the New York Auto Show. The modelĀ of these cars will be named in honor of the replacement, according to preliminary information, the manufacturer gives more preference to the name of the Patriot.

Within the scope of the manufacturer’s model between rebel and Cherokee, the new crossover that the car be involved in the modernization Jeep SUV project. Having gone through bankruptcy in 2009, with Chrysler Home Inc. , an US company does not stand still and hard to improve production processes, and became the distribution and management of rapid growth in sales for two years, so that now Jeep – a strong organization that can compete seriously with the best representatives from the market.

According to informed sources said that the car maker may refer to such as the Patriot and Compass Moreover, the new model will be even more versatile compared with the previous models. 2018 Jeep Patriot dimensions will also be in the same range as Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Renegade. This new intersection will be according to the expectations of the vehicle are well designed and elegant that delivers excellent performance in all respects. The car maker plans to provide Patriot as a vehicle that will drive the company’s sales higher.

At the very least, it should exceed sales of 1. 8 million units by 2018. To achieve this goal will require the automotive industry to create a Patriot which is an excellent alternative to the more popular crossovers on the market today. Patriot always enjoy good sales of the new car is to create excitement among the followers of the pocket. This new generation will be between the rebels and the Cherokee mode. Patriot is the result of the five-year plan, Fiat and Chrysler Corporation to provide a really exciting car. Jeep is a company that has a reputation for its wide range of cars and unique culture of its kind.

The new 2018 Jeep Patriot embodies these values, and will look very much like the rebels. It will also be longer and well deserving of the confidence of the rebels. It boasts a longer rear end and it is also slightly wider than ever before. As it gets on Patriot missiles to suspend excellent riding on better tires. On the outside, and the Patriots seem a little boxy, but even so he has a very distinct look. Overall, the Patriot seems very modern, as well as exciting. I want them to be recognized as a real car, even by those who do not know much about cars.

There is a lot of speculation about this type of powertrain this car will get them. Different people have put forward different theories about the powertrain of the 2018 Jeep Patriot. The most likely engines to power up the Patriot will be a 2. 0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine which is to provide 158 horsepower and 141 pound-feet of torque, and the ability of another engine of 2. 4-liter that generates 172 horsepower and 165 of torque. 2018 Jeep Patriot will also be displayed as in automatic and manual versions. In all likelihood, it will be paired the engine to the automatic transmission 6-speed, although there was also a possibility that the car maker will introduce 9-speed transfer at some point. It will also be displayed on the 2018 Jeep Patriot on both front wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants.

Jeep engineers are working tirelessly on the new intersection, you have time to be ready at the end of this year. Go to the market in early 2018, and the SUV medium pocket-sized American companies to compete seriously with such a large, such as KIA Sportage car, Qashqai and Mazda CX-5. If the cost of cars will remain in the current model, the new 2018 Jeep Patriot will be available from US $ 21,000.

2016 jeep patriot mpg for 2018 news

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