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Monday, October 24th, 2016 - Lamborghini
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2018 Lamborghini SUV. In the past years, boycotted the luxury car makers SUV. However, after testing the waters Porsche in 2003, other brands have seen the opportunity to quickly and moving towards the catch. It revealed Lamborghini Urus concept in 2012, and after a long wait, and you will soon see a Lamborghini SUV in the streets. The name comes from the ancestor of modern cow which became extinct in 1627. This was a very large and long tall animals more than 1,500 pounds weight. Similarly, the brother of the new “2017 Lamborghini Urus” will be the biggest cars with the raging bull logo.

However, there is another option could be considered. It may be the future of the 2018 Lamborghini SUV even a hybrid. The combination of an internal combustion engine with electric power is always at the forefront in high-performance models. There is disagreement About the rest of the drivetrain Lambo, but expect a mandatory four-wheel drive and automatic transmission is very advanced. We can guess how the 2018 Lamborghini SUV will look like. After all, it is the intersection, and most of the luxury transition look-alike. However, one can never know with the Italians. Must Urus-like Porsche Cayenne.

At least, this is supposed to be the car with the earliest design. This basically means that the body of the Lamborghini SUV will be a lot more elegant than it is the case with the Aventador, for example. Apart from the open mouth front end, headlights and sharp large, exotic wheels, you can expect a lot of air intakes and pronounced creases. Urus concept was just like that and the model ready for production should not stray too far from the road. Like any other Lamborghini models and SUVs carrying amount of future premium refinement.

Interior will likely be even more luxurious than it is the case with the current, Lamborghini sports fleet. Do not expect a future cabin concept, but expect high-end materials such as wood, carbon fiber, premium leather including suede and Alcantara, and chromium. While the 2018 Lamborghini SUV promises to be spacious and comfortable, the rear seat passengers may still find that the lack of free ruins of atmospheric space. However, production model ceiling italic may lose the concept and offer one apartment.

As already mentioned, there is still plenty of time before 2018 and who knows what kind of progress the technology we should expect. However, we do not have any doubts that the 2018 Lamborghini SUV will offer everything that there is to offer in order to compete with about SUV most unusual, and like the Bentley SUV, Porsche Cayenne or a Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG.

Lamborghini mainly due to a single cause. the engine 2018 Lamborghini SUV continues to rise in energy production trains in the Urus. The car will be a drug addict, even with 4. 0 L V-8 engine boosted twin. It is expected to produce a whopping 600 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque or more of the engine. It is noteworthy that the diesel V8 engine that can be installed in the future. The 2018 Lamborghini SUV has a dual-clutch automatic transmission system that will transfer power to all wheels through a permanent AWD system.

AWD will be enhanced with the control program in the traction system to ensure that the car maintains a good grip to drive a nice discs. The expected maximum speed of about 205 mph (328 km / h), while the expected acceleration of 0-60 mph less than 4 seconds per hour. This data is based on rumors, because the 2018 Lamborghini SUV is still under development.

There is not yet any information about its price possible, but knowing Lamborghini, the only crossover probably will not be available for less than $ 150,000. Even that seems fairly low, and $ 200,000 may be the right price. 2018 Lamborghini SUV is the second time for the manufacture of the famous Italian auto market for in off-road. Judging by the Urus concept, it seems they can pull it off with ease. However, there are many obstacles on the road Lamborghini SUV to glory, and a hefty price tag for a car specialist may be the largest of them. While people do not mind paying $ 200,000 for hyper car, because they might be reluctant to pay a huge sum in lacrosse.

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