2018 Mazda RX9 Review And Info

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016 - Mazda
2013 mazda rx9 price for 2018 news

2018 Mazda RX9. Inability to Mazda RX-8 to match the fifth euro, which is the new fresh air and missile-like standards of fuel consumption caused interruptions in 2012. That left a hole in the public market Mazda sports car line. But, do not worry bicycle enthusiasts, lovers Mazda is making its successor, which will be scheduled to arrive before 2017. gossips say depth, it would be 2018 Mazda RX9.

It is still premature to discuss planned, but may be present solutions in his immediate predecessor in the Mazda RX vision concept, of course. A four-door body is not a thing which is scheduled to Ford this release, and hold all things. It is therefore almost certain that the designers of the Mazda will follow a proven and the theory of ancient two door. 2018 Mazda RX9 structure can be more smooth lines that are likely to enhance its front end aerodynamics. The will feature a smiling mouth drop open and headlights that are sharp with sports hood fenders on high consumption. Home coupe that will come with a little swept windshield appeared at the end while the rear spoiler may feature optional.

As far goes inside, has been released anything officially, or understood it this time, as in 2018 Mazda RX9 interior design. The only thing you can expect is certainly the hut streamlined, narrow-oriented track with modern stuff, seats strong support. Some expectations that can be derived from the vision of the concept, which refers to the inside will take a reddish-black colors, with metallic elements on the control panel, and the rush of the carrier. This remains to be seen, though it’s not going to the rear seats, such as ancestor advantage.

Mazda admits that 50 engineers and toiled eight years developing two new 16X rotary engine. So the company has applied for a patent for a new rotor engine earlier this year. Direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and the displacement of 23% greater than the RX-8 with a capacity of 1. 3 liters will help clear the obstacle hoped for 400 horsepower. Transition from iron to aluminum end panels (similar to the parts of the piston engine block) give a large block savings. The the rotary engine has earned a good reputation for the thermal efficiency is low, which translates into twice the fuel consumption. If Mazda failed to make a significant reduction of greenhouse steps consumption (oil), and customers of sports cars will be reluctant to adopt the 2018 Mazda RX9 no matter what you bring to the party, and processing speed.

Assuming that the car achieve the objectives of power and weight, the new 2018 Mazda RX9 could be a positive compete against the Alfa Romeo 4C, Chevrolet Corvette, Jaguar F type, Porsche Cayman. Armed with overseas show amazing car, and more than 400 horsepower, Wael 9,000 rpm and RX-9 could be a disrupters in the follow-up and $ 50,000 range. It’s at least two years away, so do not expect it before 2018 model.

2013 mazda rx9 price for 2018 news

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