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Thursday, October 27th, 2016 - Mercedes
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2018 Mercedes GLK 350. been appointed the German car maker to announce the latest news about the next four operations the updated transition which will include GLC, GLS, GLE Coupe and GLE this year. Made of representatives of the auto industry this announcement in Stuttgart on the side of the press conference, which was held to review the company’s sales in the previous year lines. It was revealed that the company is now able to sell more than 2. 5 million vehicles and earned almost € 130,000,000,000 The increase in performance for 2014 was estimated at 10%.

2018 Mercedes GLK 350, and unconfirmed reports indicate that the car will be enriched with a variety of design details and equipment that will make them the preferred choice in the SUV market. It may stem from the re-design of the new modified internal model, high-performance engine and there may be the possibility of a new platform in the event of confirmation will sweetening things. With all the envisaged re-design, and the company hopes to reach a wider market in order to build further enhance the reputation and business prospects.

As for the external part of the Mercedes GLK 350 redesigned, and there will be several upgrades with a wide range of changes in the structure of the car and the platform. The GLK 350 sharing program with CNN the next category, while the bodywork has been upgraded in order to look unique compared with its predecessor. The manufacturer is still playing with the idea of introducing some small lines to make it look less “boxy,” although it is claimed that this version will be larger than its predecessor. Near the back, and we expect the slope of the roof.

2018 Mercedes GLK 350 inside there will be a stack East to organize all its capabilities related to information and entertainment system and modern user interface. It has been modified center console to the driver, to deal with a much simpler and easier. Apart from the touch screen brand new, and there is also a control key. The driver is able to detect which coincided contemporary options should display all messages and alarm. Moreover, it produced this presentation may know the hand gestures with his hand and photos by GPS.

Under the hood of the new 2018 Mercedes GLK 350 will be a variety of engines. It will be borrowed from the power scheme AMG Sports and W205 C-Class. The new model comes with an engine capacity of 3 L has the capacity to generate 367 horsepower and 517 pounds of torque. GLK 350 family of crossovers have not had the AMG re-design is suitable, but expected the Mercedes GLK 350, the manufacturer plans to equip the GLC Mercedes 63 AMG model with the highest rating 4 L V8.

C63S versions and C63, this engine has the ability to generate 510 horsepower and 700 pounds of torque and 476 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque, respectively. The basic version will often get the turbo engine 1. 8 L 4-cylinder diesel engine or 2. 1 L Turbo. Moreover, we should expect that the new 2018 Mercedes GLK 350 to come with 3 L 6-cylinder turbo-powered new engine which will be capable of generating 333 horsepower and installed initially in 2014 year class E.

It is expected to reveal in the autumn of next year, in New York or Shanghai from the 2018 exhibition the following six months for the first time, the 2018 Mercedes GLK 350 must reach the agents. No announcement of the pricing of course, but rumor has it that it will start somewhere in the $ 40,000.

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