how much does the 2018 tesla model x cost news and review

how much does the 2018 tesla model x cost news and review

2018 Tesla Model X. It has been a long time, but in the end here. It Tesla Model X, and a slightly longer, more practical to some extent follow-up to the S. model could have been a little bit more than that – Tesla could simply be due to the S bit of the vertical extension and call it a day, but the company decided instead to do something a little different, to give 2018 Tesla Model X design signature that would distinguish them from the idea twin.

The fraternal was a natural one: a slight increase on the model S and turn it into this kind of manipulation is ideal for dashes Monday morning to school or Friday afternoon flights element to Aspen. As such, the 2018 Tesla Model X is the largest, and provides more than twice the cargo space of S if you give up the third row of seats. But you probably should not, because unlike grandma back road area on the Model S, facing third-row seats forward X.

As model such as to become really useful, with headroom is sufficient and legs (only) for adults grew like myself to put pressure back there. The second-row seats, meanwhile, have acres of room, while heated and air-conditioned thrones in front of the driver and passenger are not only the perfect temperature regardless of the weather progress, but to provide a decent amount of support and good comfort, too. In fact, spring package $ 1,000 “below zero” and all of the seats in the 2018 Tesla Model X can be heated at the touch of a button, and even the middle and one in the second row. This is a nice way to pamper passengers – or surprise them with a warm floor if you are the kind of practical joke.

The initial examination of the exterior of the 2018 Tesla Model X car confirms the assumption that it has a future. The model is characterized by the body through a good flow. This is the quality that allowed for perfection, according to modern standards, and a coefficient aerodynamic 12:24. Car engine round crossover cover, with the two sides barely noticeable side. A central element of the front 2018 Tesla Model X performs grille complex shape.

Embossed large bumper perfectly complements the image of cars “dangerous”, and is intended not only for short trips in the city, but they are designed to overcome the personal model natural trails. The difficult is designed in modern stylistic form, however, and complements it with a number of unique characteristics. First and foremost, it does not include the rear view mirror. Replace them with a pair of video cameras, projecting the image on the screen in front of the eyes of the driver.

Manufacturer completely abandoned classical optics and lamp. No xenon or halogen lighting. In energy-saving lamps there was a preference for – the most economical light sources. The main stylistic “trick” will call certainly designed rear doors in 2018 Tesla Model X, and provide a vertical slot. This system is called “falcon wings”. The reason for this is the desire of the Tesla engineers to facilitate access to the rear passengers in the crowded conditions of urban parking cars.

The door can be opened when the distance to nearby vehicles is only 31 cm! With multiple system will deprive them of the opening sensors, and if the vertical or horizontal space for this process will not be enough, so that eliminates the danger of scratching the doors on the low ceiling of the box perfectly garage. However, “Falcon Wings” made it impossible for the installation of a roof rack, however, can not be sad about it. Interior no less unique from abroad.

Determination means having six or seven seats, each passenger individually. It is made from the finest leather and equipped with multiple electronic trends modifications, and functions of heating and ventilation. The large panoramic glass, which gradually shifts to the ceiling, and gives the driver a broad vision. It is equipped with a special coating is designed to prevent the penetration in the car from harmful UV rays and infrared. Panel replaced by high-definition wide-screen LCD. You can display the image of the rear-view cameras, image GPS navigator or digital options that showing the current performance of the region’s central movement.

The unit there monitoring else. It’s really a giant 17-inch size. The main purpose – all the parameters of electronic management of the cross, and use as a multi-media with wireless access to the Internet. Electronics in the interior of the new elements as I can tell. In addition to the hardware, the buyer will receive scattering of multiple functions in the plane of the steering wheel sensors, dual intelligent climate system area, cruise control, the candidate of a special compartment with cleaning function electronic anti-bacterial, and raise auto glass hit the space side Windows monitoring of foreign objects, shock sensor and tipping, automatic interruption of the battery during the road accident and more.

Separately, we note the presence of “Model X” of the two compartments luggage. This is not a luxury but a necessity given the extremely small of the back buffer space to the size and relegated to the third row of the characteristics of passengers seats. Technical 2018 Tesla Model X line all over the platform, borrowed from the older brother of the sedan Tesla Model S lacrosse has a suspension on the basis of double wishbone rack and pinion steering column, supplemented by electric power.

In addition to the updated anti-lock braking system, received the rotor vent and parking brake electronic cars have been equipped with Grandma function electronic stability control. Propulsion system and consists of a Tesla Model X in the form of 7-speed “automatic” with liquid cooling. Crossover drive is full of exceptional.

The 2018 Tesla Model X will be available with two versions of the energy systems. The first involves the presence of a pair of electric motors located on each axis and having an individual capacity of 262 horsepower (Amendment “90D”). It rose more powerful version “P90D” Drive to 510 “horses”, located on the rear axle. In both cases, the “heart” of the car of three-phase four-pole electric units with copper rotor, is powered by a battery with a capacity of 90 kWh.

Install the batteries provided in the semi-automatic power reserve not only crossover in the 402 and 414 kilometers versions “P90D” and “90D”, respectively, but also significantly reduced its center of gravity, adding greatly to the performance of the model. Standard speed of a hundred km / h in a car able to recruit in 3.8 seconds, and determine the best indicator of the dynamic acceleration for the class of crossovers.

As for the cost, it estimated a more affordable version of the 2018 Tesla Model X in 132 thousand dollars. And equipment with improved power performance cost 10,000 more. , Implementation of which he was appointed in the period from 8 to 12 months, has reached the approximate number of pre-orders are already 25 thousand. The production version of the Tesla Model X Crossover Electric’s is scheduled to start sales of new 2018 Tesla Model X in the United States in the second half of 2017.

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