2019 Giulia Q2 Review And Info

Friday, October 19th, 2018 - Alfa Romeo
2019 Giulia Q2 Spider Sprint

We hope the Giulia Coupé will be present, perhaps accompanied by the convertible Gillian Spyder, at the Geneva Motor Show in 2019 in March. A bonus of £ 2500 on 32,850 pounds equivalent to the Giulia seems reasonable.

2019 Giulia Q2 Release Date Price

Quatrofoglio’s high-performance models can cost £ 64,000, a £ 3,000 bonus for a fast salon.

2019 Giulia Q2 Engine Specs

The Alfa Romeo is probably only suitable for the Giulia engine for Coupé. The powerful 178-liter diesel engine with a 2.2-liter Coupé model can be a model for beginners. It has a time of 0-62 mph from 7.1 seconds in the lounge, but we expect the Coupe to be a little faster with less weight and better aerodynamics. This engine returns to a respectable 67.2mpg in the lounge. Another potential option is the 197-horsepower 2.0-liter gasoline engine. It looks better than diesel engines and can allow 6.6-6.6 seconds. In the saloon, even up to 50 respectable mpg so expect the coupe to be equally economical. We are the most exciting high-performance version called Quadrifoglio. The V6, a 2.9-liter, 503-horsepower V6 sedan, will offer fierce competition in the BMW M4 and the Mercedes-AMG C63.

2019 Giulia Q2 Design Exterior Interior

It is likely that Giulia Coupe sits in the same chassis as the living room, so it should have similar overall dimensions. Our exclusive offer from Giulia Coupe indicates that it will have the right front end, but it will have a regression line and longer doors to facilitate the compression process in the back. The Giulia Coupe compartment will be very similar to the lounge. Expect the same pieces of leather, metal and wood, while the information and entertainment system should be moved to the living room. With your fingers crossed, you will get the updated software before because it was delayed when we tried it. The Giulia Coupe will not be as spacious as the rear saloon thanks to the sloping roofline, while the rear passengers can only get two usable rear seats. The Hall has a respectable background space, so Coupe can keep this function in the redesign.

Alfa Romeo was raised when the Giulia lounge with aggressive design was presented in 2016. To take advantage of the renewed interest in the brand, the Coupé version is expected to arrive soon. Rumors suggest that the new model could debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. Our exclusive program shows what to expect.

2019 Giulia Q2 Sport Review

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