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Sunday, February 18th, 2018 - Mercedes
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2019 Mercedes CLS. Compact by AMG, the Mercedes-Benz high-performance, the latest Mercedes CLS maintains a roof cap and a quick backlight of its predecessors, a shape that makes the rear doors a bit of a surprise. The design inspired Mercedes to disable body style rankings with a new term. Through the traditional definition, the Mercedes CLS was a sedan, but Mercedes still described it as a “4-door coupe.”

There is a one-dimensional difference between this Mercedes CLS and its predecessor: the rear seat area is larger. The passenger capacity has expanded from four to more than five sedans. Other differences include a completely new generating power with what can be called a light hybrid feature, a new suspension option, a new luxurious interior, and a host of driver assistance features that are close to the independent operating area.

The new 2019 Mercedes CLS is based on the MRA platform, a combination of E and S class components. It is clearly distinguished by the direction of the company’s new design, which is called “sensual purity”, and it will also be the first model to be a mild hybrid engine with a six-cylinder engine. The internal electronics and driver assist systems are based on the new S class.

The company says that regardless of the fact that it is similar to the E sedan class, it has a completely different ride, mainly due to the athletic structure that supports it. All parts of the body, except doors (which have remained steel due to sound insulation), are made of aluminum. The new generation 2019 Mercedes CLS is five centimeters longer, 1.7 cm lower than its predecessor. In the door there are still windows without frames, mainly because of the design, but also because it reduces the wind noise.

This generation is more aerobic than the previous generation, and it’s more than ever, says company leaders. Max has a design similar to that of the Amg-G Class, with splitter and lower air intake sockets. The sides of the car are smooth and do not have a lot of detail, while at the back there are LED lights to highlight the trunk width. If we compare with the S class we will see that the interior is almost the same. The interior is a distinctive information and entertainment system and a dashboard of 12.3 inches in the form of two monitors.

Ventilators are a fundamental difference of the S class because they have integrated lights that change the color from blue to red. All this depends on the temperature in the car. The entertainment information system on the central console also has a certain number of buttons that are distributed better. New leather seats in 2019 Mercedes CLS are more advanced because they have sensors with new technology. The luggage compartment is more than enough large and about 520 liters.

One of the biggest changes in the new Mercedes CLS 2019 is definitely a mild hybrid engine. Under the hood is a turbocharged six-cylinder turbocharger that produces 362 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque, assisted by a generator that produces 21 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. The electric motor is integrated into a nine-speed automatic transmission, connected to a 48-volt lithium-ion battery.

Fuel and fuel performance information is still unavailable, but the company says it is 15 percent better than its predecessor. It still has a standard electric system connected to a 12 volt battery, which supplies most electronic systems. In the European market, the version will be sold with a diesel engine, that is, without a slight hybrid engine. 2019 Mercedes CLS Model has the same technology as S-Class. These include massage seats, ionizing air conditioning, semi-automatic control, wireless phone charging, the ability to unlock the car and launch it via an NFC enabled phone, the Burmester Sound System, and a number of other interesting items.

Currently, 2019 Mercedes CLS marshes range from just under $76,000 to $78,345. The date of sale and pricing will be announced later.

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