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Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 - Mercedes
2019 Mercedes G Class Truck New Matte Black

2019 Mercedes G Class. The most distinctive changes are inside. While the previous generation Mercedes G Class has not yet been in terms of creature comforts, the 2019 model is ready for the party. Like other new MIRX, you can choose the dashboard to pack 12.3-inch dual screens. Some traditional Mercedes G Class features remain, including the grab handle and three differential locks on the center stack. Both rows have standard heated seats, with massage and rapid heating functions available as an option.

The first photos of the 2018 Mercedes G Class have landed after officially debuted at the SUV at the Detroit Motor Show in January. Pictures appear familiar but small details refer to the newer 2019 Mercedes G Class than the previous form. However, the biggest changes are less than the skin – the new Mercedes G Class gets a redesigned interior, a completely new chassis plus the latest Mercedes engines to bring this old 4 × 4 model into the 21st century.

On the front, flat, force the face still – but now have full LED headlights. You can also see the small side mirrors that resemble the car for less wind noise and the bigger Mercedes signal, but traditional indicators on the hood remain unchanged. On the other hand, it’s pretty much the same as the old Mercedes G Class, saving fuel for fuel filler filling and losing side slots that have been feature since the first Mercedes G Class back in 1979. The third side window is also tad bigger for better visibility.

Given the back of 2018 Mercedes G Class, you might forgive if you miss it for the old model. Apart from the soft edges, the updated LED brake lights and the different position of the rear mop there is hardly anything else that differs markedly from the previous Mercedes G Class. Mercedes G Class ‘exterior may not have changed much, but the interior is significantly different and packs in 2018.

The main reason for this refurbished interior design is that the 2019 Mercedes G Class is now engaged in the same interior electric work and Mercedes models as the top specs. This means that a huge SUV can benefit from a sleek on-screen two dials / entertainment information arrangement, modeled on the latest E-Class and flagship S-Class. Traditional touches like the grab handle and the positioning of the air vents are still large unchanged.

The new Mercedes G Class is slightly larger and less than the old model which means it would be better to carry three on the back. The rear seats were also moved back to give 15 cm more than the back room than in the old Mercedes G Class. This does not mean that the boot capacity has suffered – there are no exact figures yet but the load of 2018 Mercedes G Class will be more than 476 -liter capacity of the outgoing model.

Along with the refurbished interior, the new 2019 Mercedes G Class chassis is also brand new. It’s stronger and more resistant to bend but the most obvious benefit will be the weight reduction compared to the previous chassis – Mercedes says the new 2019 Mercedes G Class is about 150 KG lighter than before. This would help the new one feel less cumbersome on the road which was the main fall of the old Mercedes G Class in terms of driving. The front suspension in 2018 Mercedes G Class is also brand new.

It’s an independent group that, in terms of the average person, is the best in ironing bumps but worse off-road than the live hub setup of the old Mercedes G Class. If you are now considering the new Mercedes G Class not, it will remain the only new car for sale with three lockable differentials that you will give Wonderful treatment on loose surfaces. There is also a special off-road driving mode to better control at low speeds.

In terms of engines, the 2018 Mercedes G Class is initially only available with a 4.0 liter V4 petrol, making 422hp. It will join a version of this engine, with a power of up to about 600 hp, a little later along the diesel model at entry-level using a 2.9 liter straight six engine. The silly Amg V12 model is dropped in favor of a light hybrid setup similar to that in the S-Class S400H – available later.

At first, there will be two trim levels – one more rugged standard and an AMG-style urban line. Sitting on top of those, as always, would be the Amg Bunkers model. The new Mercedes G Class will go on sale in the spring of 2018. There are no official prices yet, but due to the large changes under the skin, we expect the new 2019 Mercedes G Class price to be slightly higher than the current price of 89,355 pounds entry-level – Entry level G500 cost 107,040 euros in Germany .

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