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2020 Bmw 3 Series 2019 The G20 Next Interior Generation

The BMW 3 Series comes in 2019 with the BMW Active Guard Plus, which includes standard speed limit information, lane change warning system and automatic emergency brake that can detect cars and individuals. The optional auxiliary driver package includes active speed control, brake and car acceleration. In traffic, including doing it in a deadlock, when returning to the predefined speed of navigation when the road is clear. The system can also steer the car on the road, prevent it from stopping in front of other cars in its blind place, and even warn you if you are going to a one-way road in the wrong way. As part of the technology package, ITS offers the largest 70 percent of this system in the old series 3 and has much clearer graphics. Finally, you can also choose cars for the standard Park Assist Park Plus system upgrade that includes a 360 degree camera. Improve the car on the display screen and you can see the graphics from different angles to help you get up or help you to press safely through narrow spaces.

The three series come with two engines since launch, while the hybrid version (PHEV) and a variety of other diesel and gasoline models will follow later, including the high-performance M3 model. While not the most attractive option, the 2.0-liter 320D diesel model is more important because it will form most of the salts. The latest version has the same 190 hp you get in the current 320D, but the fuel economy improves from 57.6 to 64.2 mpg. The 320d accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 7.1 seconds and reaches a maximum of 149 mph. An optional eight-speed automatic transmission with a 320d of 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds and a fuel consumption of 67.3 mJ. The four-wheel drive (BMW calls your xDrive system) will also be on the options menu. The only model of gasoline confirmed thereafter is that the 258hp 330I 2.0 liters gets from 0-62 mph, which is 5.6 seconds and comes back so far. The fuel saving is not safe at 48.7mpg. Starting in seven seconds, while it is free to pay congestion charges in London and is able to run more than 30 miles with only battery power.

If you are tired of the general vision of the BMW saloon: like the series 5 and the series 7, the new series 3 comes as a refreshing change. It seems more surprising than any of the ITS brothers and comes with the new one piece kidney network from BMW. The top dual headlamps of the 3 Series are implemented through this version, but now the individual lights are divided by daytime LEDs and a fork that rises from the front bumper. The models of the Level 3 series become ingenious While the low bumper design in the M versions of the sport is aggressive and aggressive. All BMW models have “air curtains” (bumper openings before the front wheels) that help to facilitate the flow of air around the car. They are, in combination with the grill and this can be closed at a higher speed and with a sealed fascia, and help give the 3 series the main resistance coefficient of its class of 0.23 Cd. Compared to the rest of the car’s design, the back is more sublime, with zip down and down as an integrated wing.

The rear LED lights are new, but they are well designed and do not have the great animations they get from some Audis cars when they lock and unlock their car. The SE versions get a regular rear bumper, while the M Sport versions have the poster style later. The 330i models have twin exhaust pipes, while the 320ds have an exhaust. The SE models obtain 17-inch alloy wheels. Sport and M Sport come standard with 18-inch alloys, while 19-inch wheels are available as an option for cutting sports cars. In terms of dimensions, the new car has a length of 4,709 mm and a length of 1,827 mm and a length of 1,442 mm. In other words, it is 85 mm longer, 16 mm wider workshop and 1 mm than the car it replaces, while the ITS wheelbase, the area between the front and rear wheels, extended 41 mm. The interior of the 2019 BMW 3 series took an important step in quality compared to the old one. You get large areas of decorated pieces that make the cabin look expensive, while the inside of the cabin in your eye is made of soft materials to the touch.

The standard LED interior lighting, with 11 specific colors, makes things look fresh even at night. The LED strips on the inside of the doors are also pressed to warn other road users when their door is open. The center console also has BMW iDrive control and works more effectively than before. The automobile engine is now configured with touch buttons next to the speed changer, instead of controlling the old roller. Here, you will have the button to turn on the motor and the optional camera button at 360 degrees. The BMW 3 Series is available with two entertainment systems, depending on the vehicle you want. The Apple Carplay comes as standard, but the automatic robot, which is available in the Audi A4 and the Mercedes C-Class, is not an option, but in the BMW. Entertainment begins with the BMW Live Cockpit platform, and is standard on which SE and sports models incorporate features such as the unit. Touch control, navigation system, USB data transfer ports and WiFi wireless connection for you and your passengers. It has an 8.8-inch touch screen and a 5.7-inch color screen in the binnacle.

Unlike the instrument at the previous entry-level, this version comes standard, as well as with communication services that can provide real-time traffic updates, and the concierge service also includes that the representative can program the car is remote. You get a one-year subscription to the service as a standard feature, which can be renewed for one to three years, or for a “lifetime” subscription. The M Sport models get the new BMW Live Cockpit Professional system, which includes a 12.3-inch screen to replace the analog binnacle tool, a 10.25-inch central media screen and 20 GB of in-memory storage. The system associated with the optional BMW Professional Connect package comes as standard. It can give you direct updates on things like the availability of local car parks and you can learn your habits if, for example, you always call home when you return from work and give you this option when you get into the car. The content of the system reflects the specifications of your vehicle, while the graphics match perfectly with the specifications and color of the vehicle.

BMW 3 Series will rise on March 9, 2019 from £ 33,610 for the 320D with a six-speed manual transmission and two-wheel drive, a little more than the Mercedes-Benz C-class diesel. The addition of the xDrive four-wheel drive and the automatic gearbox increase the price to £ 36,800, while the 330i petrol has a price faster than £ 37,660.

2020 Bmw 3 Series 2019 The G20 Next Interior Generation

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