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Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 - Tesla
Tesla Roadster 2020 Article Aceleracion Abmessungen Autonomie The Battery

Making the Roadster faster than last year’s specifications would not be a simple achievement. When the car was announced in November, Musk promised it would be the fastest production in history, capable of running at 97 km / h (or from zero to 60 mph) at an incredible 1.9 degrees. He will shout at us, he tells us, at 161 km / h in just 4.2 seconds, on his way to a seemingly impossible maximum speed of 402 km / h.

“Gasoline cars still affect the aura, and I think if we can show an electric car that can surpass a gasoline car in every way, we can get rid of this halo effect,” he said. “With a 200 kilowatt-hour battery, Roadster will also provide a theoretical driving range of 1014 km, enough to indicate that you must drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco and vice versa Brisbane, you still have enough batteries available for everyone to attend A couple of happy rolls from Fortitude Canyon.

The next Tesla Roadster will be presented with a SpaceX performance package, says the company’s manager, Alon Musk, which will give time to accelerate the full electrical performance that has come out of this world. Well, we do not know what you’ll do until now, but since SpaceX is the rocket and spacecraft company of Mosk (which I’ve suggested in the past to integrate missile technology) it’s unlikely to be slow. In fact, I have promised and the owner of the EV car excels in comparison with a sports car that runs on gasoline. This announcement came at the annual meeting of Tesla shareholders in Silicon Valley, and also promised that the new owner of the EV would enter into production in 2020 around 200 thousand dollars when it is put on sale), this will be, on its own words, “crazy”.

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